Norwegian Institute for Air Research

The NILU Atmospheric Backward Transport Analysis Products for POLARCAT-ARCPAC

by Andreas Stohl, John Burkhart and Harald Sodemann

What this site is about

This site presents a resource to interpret transport processes and how they influenced aircraft measurements during the POLARCAT ARCPAC campaign. It attempts to replace trajectory calculations -- to date, the major tool used for that purpose -- with quantiative dispersion model runs including full turbulence and convection parameterizations as well as dry and wet deposition calculations. The plots shown are from backward model runs using the FLEXPART model.

A general description of the FLEXPART backward modeling products and the ideas behind is available as a manuscript in PDF format.

A description of the various products available specifically for this campaign, and the various settings (output domains, resolution of input data, etc.) can be found here.

Backward modeling products are available for these dates:

NOAA-P3 flights
2008 04 01
2008 04 03
2008 04 11
2008 04 12
2008 04 15
2008 04 18
2008 04 19
2008 04 21
2008 04 23

If you have any questions about the modelling products please contact Andreas Stohl.