Projects that Geir Braathen is leading/coordinating


The main objective of FORMAT is to obtain a better knowledge of the regional and global distribution of formaldehyde, an important intermediate in the oxidation of hydrocarbons to CO and a source of oxidative radicals. This can lead to better prediction of smog episodes and to better quantification of emissions from biomass burning. A socioeconomic workpackage will quantify the benefits from the project.FORMAT is an EU project and it is coordinated by Geir Braathen. More information on the project is found here:


The aim of QUILT is to use the existing ground-based, satellite and balloon borne UV-visible data as well as 3D atmospheric modelling tools for quantifying ozone loss in the past, to monitor its development in the present and to investigate its relation to active halogen and nitrogen species. More information is found on the project web site:


GMES-GATO is an EU funded Concerted Action under the Fifth Framework Programme where the main objective is to develop a strategy for global observations of atmospheric composition (GHG, stratospheric ozone, tropospheric pollution) within GMES.Long term observations and the effective use of near real-time data will be addressed.

The project aims are:

  • To develop a strategy for global atmospheric observations within GMES
  • To promote the use of data for scientific and public purposes
  • To define an integrated observing system comprising satellite and ground-based instruments

Geir Braathen is the coordinator of the project.

More information on the project is found here: