National total ozone monitoring  

Andøya Ny Ålesund
Latitude : 69.28 (North)
Longitude: 16.02 (East)
Total ozone is measured at ALOMAR on a daily basis. In 2000 the Brewer spectrophotometer (B104) and the GUV filter instrument (no. 9276) were moved from Tromsø to Andøya. Brewer GI total ozone is calculated from Global Irradiance (direct + diffuse) UV radiation. Brewer GI and GUV total ozone calculations are based on methods developed by Arne Dahlback.
Latitude : 78.92 (North)
Longitude: 11.92 (East)
NILU operates two total ozone instruments in Ny Ålesund: A GUV filter instrument (no. 9275) and a SAOZ instrument. SAOZ has been in operation since 1990, whereas the GUV instrument has been running since 1995. The SAOZ instrument is a zenith-sky spectrometer where ozone is retrieved from radiation in the visible band. This makes the SAOZ measurements most reliable during spring and fall. The GUV instrument is most reliable during summer when the solar light is strongest.
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Kjeller Troll
Latitude : 59.98 (North)
Longitude: 11.05 (East)
Two total ozone instruments are located at the roof of the NILU building at Kjeller: A Brewer spectrophotometer (no. 42) and a GUV instrument (no. 9222). The instruments were originally located at the University of Oslo, but were moved to NILU in July 2019. The Brewer instrument has been running since 1990, whereas GUV has been in operation since 1995.
Latitude : -72.01 (South)
Longitude: 2.54 (East)
NILU's observatory in Antarctica is located at Trollhaugen (1553 m.a.s.l.), one kilometer east of the Norwegian research station Troll in Dronning Maud Land. The observatory was established in January 2007. It was fist located near the Troll station, but was moved to Trollhaugen in February 2014. Total ozone, UV and CLT is derived from the NILU-UV filter instrument with methods similar to the GUV retrieval methods.
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