Homepage of Wenche Aas



Senior Scientist
Atmospheric and Climate
P.O. Box 100
2027 Kjeller

Tel. +47 6389 8126
Fax +47 6389 8050
E-mail wenche.aas@nilu.no

Main fields of work:
Wenche Aas has a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, and she works on topics related to atmospheric composition and long-range transport of air pollution. She is responsible for the Norwegian monitoring programme of long-range transboundary air pollution on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency , and the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Ms Aas is project leader for the atmospheric monitoring programme at Trollhaugen in Antarctica.

One of Ms Aas' main area of work is within the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme EMEP on behalf of UN-ECE, where she is responsible for work related to QA/QC and reporting of inorganic compounds, short lived climate forces and heavy metals on behalf of the Chemical Co-ordinating Centre (CCC). She is also responsible for regional data reporting to HELCOM, AMAP and CAMP.

Wenche Aas is member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Precipitation Chemistry (PC SAG) in WMO/GAW.

Last updated, Nov 2018