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Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Instituttveien 18
2027 Kjeller, Norway
Phone +47 6389 8035
Fax +47 6389 8050
E-mail ast@nilu.no

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View a 3-D visualization of an intrusion of stratospheric air into the troposphere, resulting from a FLEXPART simulation. The domain shown covers Europe, and the uppermost level is at 13 km.

View the tracer cloud 89 hours after the first ETEX release. The color code gives the release time of the particles in seconds after the start of the simulation. Considerable folding of the plume is observed, with particles released both at the beginning and at the end of the release found in the northern part of the cloud, and particles released at intermediate times being located near the southern end of the cloud.

Or view a movie of the tracer cloud.

Last updated: July 2015