Media Coverage

  • An discussion about if nuclear power is an answer to climate change was published in Aeon magazine. The discussion brings together opinions from experts from all over the world. Check it here.
  • A debate was published in Bergens Tidende (in Norwegian) about the future of forest fires in Europe and Scandinavia. Link is here.

  • I was shortly interviewed by the Center for International Climate Research (CICERO) about the recent fires in Western USA that have already cause several casualties. Link is here.

  • A seminar (Det rare været) organized by the Center for International Climate Research (CICERO) was presented in NRK and in Video presentation is here.

  • During EGU 2018 held in Vienna 9-13 April 2018, we participated in a press conference to talk about the 2017 summer fires in Southwestern Greenland. Part of this interview is presented in Scientific American and Live Science.
  • Our paper Murphy et al. (2018) about the presence and origin of an enriched Uranium particle in the upper troposphere attracted public attention (Gizmodo).
  • Appearance of our calculations in Firdaposten and in Vikebladet (in Norwegian) about the air transport to Scandinavia from the wildfires in Portugal.
  • Interview to the French magazine "La Recherche" about the future risks of wildfires in Chernobyl due to global temperature rise (in French).
  • Interview about the estimated global health effects from the Fukushima accident in 2011 in Dagbladet (in Norwegian).
  • Interview for the 30th anniversary from the Chernobyl accident and our effort to retrieve "lost" measurements.
  • Interview to the American magazine "The Forestry Source" about the risk of the radioactive smoke emitted from fires in radioactivelly contaminated forests.
  • Interview to New Scientist Magazine about the estimated maximum global effective doses (out of Japan) from the Fukushima radioactive releases.
  • Interview to Moscow Times about the risk of radioactive releases from the contaminated forests of Chernobyl in the Exclusion Zone.
  • Interview of coauthor Prof. Tim Mousseau in New York Times about our paper, which points out the future risk (until 2100) of forest fires in the Chernobyl contaminated forests, due to the rising temperatures and associated drought.
  • Interview to New Scientist Magazine about the fire risk in the radioactively contaminated forests of Chernobyl.