Homepage of Tove Marit Svendby

Senior Scientist
Dept. Atmospheric and Climate research
P.O. Box 100
2027 Kjeller

Tel. +47 6389 8185
Fax +47 6389 8050
E-mail tove.svendby@nilu.no

Other work experience:
*Associate Professor, UiO
*Research Fellowship, Alaska
*Exhibition at NTM




Main fields of work:

  • Aerosol modeling, with main focus on secondary organic aerosols (SOAs) and precursors important for SOA formation.
  • Chemistry transport modeling: To develop and run CTMs, presently the Unified EMEP model.
  • Optical properties of ice clouds: Calculations of heat flux and radiative forcing related to various compositions of cirrus clouds (ice crystal shapes). 
  • Total ozone: Dobson total ozone measurements, trend analyses, and reanalysis of Dobson ozone series.
  • UV radiation and Radiative transfer modeling (LibRadtran)
  • Data assimilation.


CV and publications
Hubei forecast
Zeppelin and Birkenes forecast



Last updated, August 2006